Good deal? MAZDA CX-5 red touring LA 363*35 mon(incl tax) + 0 down

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Mazda CX-5 touring red
MSRP: $28370
Monthly Payment: $363(including tax and given the first month free, so in total 35 months)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10k
Residual: 56%
Region: LA
MSRP 28370-1395(discount)+fees-720(rebate)
So total 12,717 for three years. Please give some advice, first time car buyers…

Very poor discount

No free lunch here :sandwich:

Confirm this and money factor with edmunds, consider doing MSDs, Mazda now supports them, by putting money in essentially a box, and Mazda returns that box to you at end of lease, in exchange they lower money factor.

$28,370 MSRP
$ 1,395 Dealer Discount
$26,975 Pre-Incentive Selling Price

4.9% Pre-Incentive Discount

The key to getting a great deal is to be laser-focused on getting a good pre-incentive discount off MSRP. As @mllcb42 pointed out earlier you are at below 5% - which under normal market conditions is on the lower ends of deals. If you search for some Mazda CX-5 deals here over the past few days you will see a few folks getting into the 9-11% discount range (from my memory, please verify). Take a look at their deals and draw some inspiration.

Since your a first time car buyer here is a check-list of how to get the deal you seek:
#1 priority - drive a harder bargain on your pre-incentive discount
2. As @HersheySweet points out verify your MF, RV and incentives with and make sure that’s what gets put in your deal.
3. Make sure your deal is at the buy rate MF (the MF from edmunds). Adjust selling price if dealer insists on markup.
4. Make the dealer aware of all direct-to-consumer incentives you qualify for and put them into your deal. You have the $720 in lease cash. College grad? Another Mazda in your household (loyalty cash)? I like to use their full value to reduce cap cost.
5. Conventional wisdom will tell you to avoid putting any money down. Decide if you value a lower payment enough to put money down.
6. Minimize DAS. You decide if you want to roll some or all of your DAS into the lease or write a check for inception fees. There is no one clearly superior approach - just the one you prefer. I write a check for inception costs.
7. Avoid all garbage add-ons. Just say no. If you find an add-on you value, it’s price can be negotiated down.
8. Get familiar with the standard fees in your state and make sure the lease contract is in line with your expectations. You will have a $650 acquisition fee, an $85 doc fee, a $30 electronic filing fee, a $8.75 tire fee, and you lic/reg will run about 1.4% of MSRP.
9. Once again as @HersheySweet notes above, MSD are highly recommended if you can lock up some cash for 3 years.

Good luck.

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You can’t do MSDs, the MF is .00001.

Great catch. Give me 0.02% over MSDs any day.


Are you driving a new car?

Not yet, was delayed by some factors, and changed mind into buying the car. Wondering if 27700 OTD (incl tax fees), for a red touring is good deal or not?