Good Deal for Alfa Romeo Giulia?

Hello Everyone… the numbers are a little vague (for now, It was late) but I’m asking for details after the holiday… Bottom line I have a 2018 Alfa Romeo TI Sport my lease is ending in a few months… My buy out after lease end is 22.2K and there are 3 payments of $585.00 left, the dealer offered me $31K for the car. They want to put me in a new lease, the new cars MSRP is $54,985 they offered 42 months 12,000 for $597.00 per month plus $1,000 DAS… I asked how they came to that number and they were a little hesitant to email me the details because I think they thought I was going to take to numbers to another dealer.

I did get out of them that the price they have for the car was reduced to $52,190 (not sure if discounted or incentives, I think incentives) Money factor was .0025 and they end of the lease buyout was $23,094 (Seems like 42% residual) What other numbers should I ask the dealer for?

is this a decent deal? Seems like I’m putting almost $8,000 down ($1000 DAS and approx $7,000 in equity from my 2018)…


Verify the residual, money factor, and incentives on Edmunds here:

That money factor just can’t be right. That’s an insane interest rate (6 percent).

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LOL… yes I was just going to edit it, I’m thinking she wasn’t really sure… should be a lot less. Thank you, working on Edmunds now.

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Ask them to cut you a check for the equity. DO NOT put money down on a lease.

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Thank you… Appreciate your input and will do that…

Do the math both ways before you decide not to put money down, and then look at the actual risk.

Your odds of a total loss during the lease are practically zero.

Is it worth hundreds of dollars in extra rent charges to insure against this? Thousands? One hundred million dollars?

At some point, what you are paying in extra rent charges for such a minute amount of protection is absolutely ludicrous.

The higher the MF, the more it makes sense to put money down to save on rent charges.