Good deal? F-type premium lease

2017 F-type premium
36month/10k miles

MSRP: $69,883
Sales Price: $61,883
MF: .00017
Residual: 59%
Document fee: $80
Acquisition Fee: $795
Rebates: $2000 customer credit
Drive- off: $3,003. First months payment, registration and doc fee, total tax.
Sales tax: 8.875, I’m in new york.
Monthly payment including tax - $558

Can i do better on this deal?

anyone have any input?

Compare with the base F type deals, looks like you got a great MF but the discount is a tad smaller. Your MSRP is 10% higher but your payment is 30% higher. So I would say maybe there is scope for a better deal, possibly asked for a higher discount…


MSRP: $63,833
Selling Price: $55750
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00110
Residual: 70%
Security Deposit: None available for jaguar
Total Due At Signing: $1699.xx (Inc Acquisition)
Monthly Payment (Excluding tax) $418.xx
Location: Rusnak Pasadena, CA
LH Score 12.7

Residual is also 11% lower on this model

But I just saw this and the premium cannot hold a candle to SVR lol