Good deal? 2021 VW Atlas CrossSport SEL R Line FWD v6 (CPO)

So here’s the story. I know a guy who leased subject vehicle about 4 months ago, put around 3k miles on it, and decided he wants out. His payoff is 41k before tax, and all the offers from Carvana, Autonation, etc are right around 41k so he loses money after tax if he buys to sell. VW dealer will be happy to take it from him, but with net 0 profit.

He looked at SAL but VW maintains liability with original lessee, so thats out.

With that being said, I reached out to my VW dealership contact (who I’ve known for over 10 years and have done several deals with fwiw) to see if he could/would facilitate me buying out the car at the same payoff.

Ofc I expect to get tagged with some fees so they make something out of it. Here’s the numbers he worked up:

Payoff: 41k
Dealer Fee: 959 (includes CPO’ing the vehicle)
Doc/Filing: 299
Tax: 6% + 50$ In South Florida

OTD: just under 45k

Nice bonus is the car will have just under 6 years of factory bumper to bumper warranty.

This market sucks, but I think this deal is decent given the circumstances. Looking for feedback from LH. Am I blinded by desperation, or is this worth pursuing?

If you can buy it out without any fees except for the 1k, then do it. Most dealers won’t let you.

Right - I’m leaning towards pulling the trigger, and I appreciate this dealer facilitating the option for me. Its that there’s really no equity in the car as the lease is too new and/or perhaps it wasn’t a good lease to begin with. After tax and fees I’m technically in the negative, but then again it is almost a new car (I’ve seen loaners and demos with more miles) and in today’s market, a much better price than I could lease or a buy a new/used one for.

When the market normalizes though, I could be taking a big hit. These used to sell for pretty significant discounts smh. Maybe this is the new normal?

Weighing the pros and cons here!

Pros : You get a newish car with low miles for a low price

Cons : You can’t sell it and get equity.

Anything I missed? hehe

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Couple things to compare against

What’s the MSRP and selling price on a brand new 2022 Atlas?

Among competing vehicles, a 2022 Telluride EXP FWD is $41,xxx (selling price = MSRP) and that would be a brand new vehicle with a longer warranty.


Msrp on the 2022 would be 46,890. Around here they’re getting marked up at least 2-3k over msrp.

Btw - Edited subject to indicate its a Cross Sport.

The Telluride can be had for msrp? I haven’t looked at them because this vehicle is primarily for my wife, and she prefers the look of the Cross Sport. But if we can find one for msrp I’ll convince her to take a test drive.

You can easily order them at msrp. Finding one in stock for msrp is harder.


You can also work with dealers to claim an incoming unit that wasn’t ordered by anyone else.


Feedback much appreciated thanks. Wife googled the Telluride and said she doesn’t like it smh. At msrp and with their demand it does sound like the smarter investment. That plus reliability in the Atlas does worry me. Will take some more convincing than I thought to get her to test drive one, but I’m not giving up yet.

Hopefully why they want out isn’t because there is anything wrong with this specific vehicle?

There’s always the palisade if you don’t like the telluride

Alternatively there’s the Acura MDX, Chevy Traverse or Buick Enclave for 3-row, Lexus RX350, Acura RDX, or Honda CRV for 2-row. Those are my favorites at least that have somewhat decent inventory down here in South Florida.