Good Deal? 2019 Jeep Cherokee

Hey everyone, new here. Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

Searching for a 2019 Jeep Cherokee. Had a dealership compare a Latitude Vs a Limited. Here’s what I got:
MSRP: $28,180
Discount: $955
Rebate: $1500
Cap: $25,725
Dealer/state fees: $634
MF: .00193 (this seems outrageous compared to Limited?)
MA Tax: $992.94
10k Miles, 36 month, 56% residual
Zero down, first month due at signing
Monthly: $447.30

MSRP: $35,565
Discount: $1,749
Rebate: $2,750
Cap: $31,066
Dealer/State fees: $634
MF: .00014 (much more in line with what I see here)
MA Tax: $639
10k Miles, 36 month, 62% residual
Zero down, first month due at signing
Monthly: $301.75

A few questions:

  1. Limited seems like a good deal, came back at 10 years on calculator. Discount seems a little light, so I went back and asked for more. Seeing if I can get into $250-$275 monthly range. Am I crazy?
  2. I couldn’t quite get the math to line up exactly in the calculator but it was close Any tips what I might be missing?
  3. Latitude cost seems crazy. Is this typical when a dealer is trying to push one trim level over another?

Thanks guys, and thanks for your patience as I learn.


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  1. Forget about the Latitude, they don’t lease well. This isn’t the dealer, its the bank.

  2. Your deal is great, ask them to get to 299 (so it sounds better) and go for it.

Awesome thanks @nyclife great advice. And thanks for the quick reply. I assume you mean get them down to $299 a month?

Yes (2020202020202020)

How did you get a 62% residual? My friend is looking at same car in CA, which they’re offering at $311/mo w taxes (higher than MA). But jeep says the may residual is 60% on Cherokee limited. I think she got a bigger discount on her sales price, so you still have room.

Also, how did you get $2750 in rebates? In CA, I believe there are only $1500.

Wish I could tell you how I got those. Like I said I’m a bit of a newbie. This was the first offer put on the table by the dealer.

I just got a $299 down, $299 per month lease on a 2019 Cherokee Limited with a MSRP of $37145. In addition, they also ate my last lease payment of $287 on my Honda and my tax rate is 8%.

First offer by Quirk Jeep lol? Then you have more room to negotiate. Why the paltry discount? 1.5k discount is not much.

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Actually was Herb Chambers

NY state I am seeing a local dealer offer cherokee limited 4X4 for $299 with $0 @ signing (21740 reseidual). Same one offering a grand cherokee laredo 4X4 for $299 with $0 at signing (18597 reseidual), all 36 month leases 10k/year. The grand includes a conquest $2k.

Which dealer offered you that? I am interested

That was visionchrysler in rochester, NY.

I just read today on CNBC that the grand cherokee was given a poor front crash rating, however (along with ford explorer)…