Good deal? 2018 Jeep Compass Limited, $289/mo. + 2k at signing

Hey guys,

Longtime reader, first time poster. How’s this deal look for a 2018 Jeep Compass Limited in Socal? The car is pretty well equipped (leather seats, sunroof, apple car play, etc.), but thinking I can get the selling price and payments a bit lower.

**2018 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4

**MSRP: $29,190
**Selling Price: $24,390
**Monthly Payment: $289.59 (including tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $2k
**Total Rebates: $4,000
**Annual Mileage:10k
**MF: .00033
**Residual: $15,178 (52%)
**Region: Los Angeles

I don’t know how the incentives are right now with the compass but in ny the Cherokee limited no sunroof no gps is $2400/$240 39/12 still the best deal I think

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345 per month for a Compass LTD is not good, worse when you consider the vehicle. If you do this, don’t give them any extra cash as signing, roll it in to the payments.

Did you drive it? Why do you want this model? Name plate?

This car stickers for 30,690:

Thanks for the feedback. This was my first written offer, but I’ve seen several better offers on Honcker as well, so there’s a good chance I go with one of those.

Interested in this model for a few reasons. Nice interior/exterior, seems like there are pretty good incentives available for Jeep, and the grand cherokee is a bit bigger than we need.

I got a loaded compass at SFO last week, wound up doing about 800 miles in it between a few runs to Napa County. It’s much better than 1st gen (which was one of the worst cars ever made) and I agree it looks generally nice. But the engine was just not enough to move the metal.

20 bucks more a month and you’re in a 6cyl Cherokee.

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It seems the dealer is only discounting $800? If you have Sam’s Club there is a $500 cash certificate you can apply for either purchase or lease and $1000 in Conquest Cash

The power was pretty underwhelming during the test drive, but not the end of the world for me. I drive a ct200h right now, so I’m used to relatively little zip. Keeps me out of trouble.


The cherokee limited is a better deal. Stronger residual, similar incentives or more ($4250 in my area) and zero interest MF for the limited trim.

Can find the fwd v6 or 2.0 turbo all day long around a similar payment range. Looks identical from the outside practically. And if happy with the 2.4L dealers would probably give those away since everyone prefers the stronger engine

Thanks again for the feedback guys.

Confirmed a lease offer with Honcker on the same jeep compass limited for $235/mo and around 1800 down. I’ll post rebates, MF, etc. when I see the full offer. If the previous dealer can match/beat I’ll post those details, as well.

Did you sign? Don’t put anything down on a lease. Earn interest and don’t risk losing the down pymt if totaled.

Hey guys – thanks again for all the feedback.

Got another offer that I feel much better about from Honcker, and attached the lease worksheet here for your reference. Haven’t signed anything yet.

Thoughts on how to input into calculator? Can’t seem to get numbers to match. Assuming the dealers are just hanging onto the rebates, but again, interested in more thoughts/expertise here.

18 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4, leather/heated seats, Apple Car play, etc

MSRP: $30,640
Net Cap Cost: $23,174
Total Rebates: $4k
Miles/years: 10k Miles, 36 months
$2,550 down & $224.75 per month (but assuming when I ask for $0 DAS it would be about $295)
MF: .00032
RV: 53%