Good deal? 2018 BMW 440i vert (fully loaded/M territory)

Year/Model: 2018 440i vert (fully loaded/in M territory)
MSRP: $77,610K
Discount: $8,659
Sale Price: $68,951K
Options/Packages: Individual colors, Premium, Essentials, Executive, M Sport PLUS M Power Kit
Cash Down: $3,500 Incentives ($3000 incentive, $500 corp rebate)
*Money Factor: 0.00172 (marked up)
*Lease term/Miles: 10,000/36 months
*Lease Payment: $806 (before tax)
Other Pertinent Information: 3% NC Tax rolled into monthly. Approx $1,900 due for inceptions (first month, dealer fee, DMV/doc fee)

I’ve seen people paying 700/mo for an M4, so even though this is fully loaded I would still look into an M4

Thanks but that is almost impossible without money down.Vert’s have lower residual than the sedans and that doesnt help either.

I was thinking the same thing. But I’ll be nice- because I have come to appreciate a fully loaded vert.