Good Deal? - 2016 e-Golf SEL

I am new to the idea of leasing but am thinking that it might be the way to go with electric cars. Here is the offer I received on e-GOLF SEL in Oregon.

36 month e-Golf SEL lease for 145.99 (36 months / 7500 miles)
MSRP $36,550
Adj cap cost $17,298 includes $7,500 federal tax credit and dealership discount.
$2354 cash (or trade)
$145.99 first payment
$625 acq. fee (capitalized)
$0 Security
$499 OR lic/title/admin fee totaling $2,999 due at inception. Total lease charge $8109.
$350 Disposition fee
Residual $12,061
7500/mi per yr.

Any guidance that can be given would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Is that with tax? I think you can do better by at least 2k.

I wonder if you just walked in and ask what’s the lease on e-Golf?
It seems like they just gave you the national advertised “special” or almost as much. I don’t think it’s a good deal here, especially considering they cut your miles to 7500 a year.
I’d try using True car or something to get you clearer picture and then negotiate, unless you can wait till December.

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Hi all ,
I’m sorry to put my message here , but i dont know why i can’t post a new post in the forum . My question is :

I am new to the united states, I work on my credit score for 5 months, I work in an IT company, and I have a green card.
I wanted to make a lease for a new Golf, I went to Mcdonald VW, and I was approved for the lease of a GOLF 2017 SE TSI , but the amount seems to me not interesting, and as I did No experience, I would like you to advise me: the informations for this lease are: the price of the car is: $26.500 and there is a discount of $3.500 for the lease, the residual is 54% and for cash Down is equal to $1.000. Then after entering all the information, the sales manager offered me an amount of $455 per month over 3 years for 10,000 miles.
I do not know if it’s a good deal or not? I think it’s a bit expensive.
Another note: my wife went to the same dealership the last day of last month, and the sales manager offered her a amount of $280 for a GOLF 2017 Wolfsburg (her price was: 23500 - 3500 = 20500).
What you think ?
Thanks for your time .

Thanks both for the quick replies. There is no sales tax in Oregon so that is not included.

I will look into TrueCar as well. Thanks.

You need to spend more time establishing your credit imo and maybe purchase a slightly used car first, then research leasing in depth, I know you can do it, and theeen start looking for a lease.

Thank you for your advice, yes possibly your idea is better, but in your opinion proposed for this lease, is it acceptable? I think for $ 455 (or $ 500), I could have a Mercedes C 300 and not a Golf

That was my point. You are probably getting a shitty deal becasue your credit is not established enough and the dealer sees “I wanna new car” all over your forehead, so they stiff you a little extra for that. Do you know your credit score?

Yes I am new to the USA, I only 6 months and I do not have a car credit score but with TranUnion I have a score of 680 .
what you think ?

Get 5 credit cards. That is the minimum for great credit.

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Residual on my 2015 e-golf SEL is 13.5k or thereabouts with 10k/year.