Good 330i BMW Deal? CA


Hi All,

Have a BMW deal found by a broker
330i M Sport w/ Ambient Lighting
$48,395 MSRP
2K Drive off + 3,500 in MSD’s with Loyalty Discount
Monthly $467 includes CA State Tax.

Bad deal.
Ask for the lease breakdown with
All the numbers.

Your monthly should easily be at 1% of the MSRP with $0das

Not bad. Assuming its for a 2020? If so, see if you can stack CCA to make it sweeter.

EDIT: never mind, just saw the updated terms if you aren’t already a member :frowning: .

Ahh I missed that its 15k/yr. That makes a significant difference, thanks for understanding. However, look at my post history. Before incentives, I did 14.6% on an '20 M340i. 20.7% on a '19 330i loaner, 24% on a '18 320 loaner, 23% on a '17 330i loaner. All those with buy rate MF ofc. So telling ME to research bmw leases is silly man.

Still, in California just about anyone can achieve 11% on a 2019 330i with minimal effort. Is it a 2020? Heck, even people custom ordering are getting 12% lol.

I’m sure you can get the man another 1.5% off. He asked leasehackr, we are all accustomed to deeper discounts and ~10% is not a great deal.

I’m free to respond to OP’s post with my opinion. Thats what tbe forum is for. I understand that its a 36/15 on a new 2020, but my statement still stands. An effective payment of ~527/mo on a 48k bmw is just not a great 3 series deal and I’ll say that every time. Its less than average by LH standards.

Sure loaners are unique cases, but 14.6% on a new 2020 m340i and a few other folks on here in CA with ~13.7% So you can see why I’m not impressed with this deal.

527/mo + 7MSD for a 48k 330i… :man_facepalming:

Hey alright lets just let it go. You’re not obligated to justify. I’m just a member sharing their valid opinion to a poster who asked for it. I never intended to sabotage your business and didnt even know it was from a broker on here when he posted.

Its the weekend buddy. Im gonna head out. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Is this with 0 down?


Wish this was the case but I think, as of late, you’d be hard pressed to find a dealer to give 11% off the bat along with a base money factor.

I tried out three different dealerships. First discount was 9.5% but with a full MF markup. That full .0004 addition is another $1100 or roughly 2% deduction from selling price discount (essentially only 7.5% discount). Let me add that the salesman seemed unwilling and aloof.

Second dealer gave 9.5% discount initially and base MF. Pleasant to deal with. Would highly consider that car but hate black wheels and said they couldn’t be swapped out for different factory rims.

Third dealer was extremely pushy but also accommodating trying to get me into a spec I did not want. Offered 10.2% off initially but didn’t get to the money factor numbers.

Seems like the best deal is going to come from one of the reputable dealers on the site. It seems like many dealers just don’t want to negotiate with buyers who know the numbers. I’ve never had so much pushback with leasing before but this is the first BMW in consideration. Will probably go through a broker the first the first time.

Are brokers willing to negotiate in your behalf or is what they offer the bottom line?