Gone - 2017 BMW 330i, MSRP $53,100, $348/mo + tax, 24/10k, 7 months with 8,500 miles left. San Diego

Gone - Lease assumption completed


PM me if it is still available.

Sent you a PM.

Hit me up if it doesnt go through with the respected poster above.

Car is still available.

San Diego.

Added $500 incentive.

SD local here, is this still available?

The car is still available. I replied to all the PMs.

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Last chance to take over this beautiful 330i. There are 7 months left on the lease and I already paid September so only 6 payments left. With the $500 incentive, I think this has become a great deal for someone looking for a short term lease. 1200 miles per month remaining. Plenty of miles.

Hi, is this still available?

Sorry, this is in the process of being transferred.

Lease assumption completed. Please close.

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