Going to Jag Dealer shortly. JAGWAG LOVER

I love the look of the car, and am about 2 weeks away from getting out of my Subaru (nightmare ownership experience).

Looking at a few 2018 XF Sportbrake S cars.

It would take an act of god to lease something today, but stranger things have happened.

Would appreciate any hints tips, tricks, or random thoughts before walking into the dealership.

I have an appointment with the INTERNET SALES MANAGER, which tell me nothing.

Norcal Jaguar in San Jose CA.


Tip #1: Don’t walk into a dealership until you have a deal finalized.


I want to test drive the car and see it in person.

But I agree. I dont believe in negotiating the deal on the spot.

I always tell them thanks and Im leaving. If you want this deal to close, email me the details and I live down the street. Worked out so far for the last three cars.

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Best offer I got so far is 3200 down 607 a month (the downpmt includes tax/fees/1st month) but it’s in NY, trying find something local to me. Just to give you some numbers. I’m still not dead set on jagwag, also looking at SQ5 and my fallback model is Q50RS just for the most budget friendly one.

which Subaru model give you the nightmare?

LOL. Going from a “nightmare” owner experience into a Jag.


I believe it is called going from frying pan to fire…


2.5L 6MT forrester.

Main problem is that Subaru was not that great about customer service when the engine was having issues. Customer service reps were great but corporate policy on things like loaners and such were crap.

At the end of the day, a Subaru is very boring and bland as well. We got it only because it was the only manual small SUV-ish car.

Wife and I are more interested in a more upscale approach to customer service.

Porsche has always set the standard for me.

BMW is pretty damn good about it as well.

Assuming Jag would be pretty good as well.

Yeah man when my local dealer accidentally crashed my new '17 F-Type S while repairing a bunch of faulty stuff in my second week of ownership, they equipped me in a sweet base XE 25t for 4 weeks


This is less brand specific and more dealer specific. I would ask around. I’ve dealt with two different Merc dealers with vastly different levels of customer service. My local Jag dealer used to have phenomenal customer service but that has tanked dramatically since the TATA takeover.

Definitely varies dealer to dealer, but every time I took my jag in for service I always got put into a Fpace loaner, or a LR discovery. Customer service was always also great (so far). Again, varies by dealer, but had no issues with mine.

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I had huge issues with dealer service at 3 different dealers so check carefully. The dealers didn’t have the needed amount of loaner vehicles so if you wanted a loaner service appointments were 1 month plus out. Similarly they offered a pick up of the car at your place then drop it back after but again seems to months to actually book it.
Normally multiple visits to get repairs, one to diagnose, one to repair once part was in, one to go back and fix the mistakes.
Lastly the service people really didn’t know the car, maybe that’s changed as I had a 2016, but months of back and forwards on infotainment features not working and jaguar saying they were not included despite build sheets, pictures etc. I ended up parking it next to an exact same spec one on the lot and making the dealer manager sit in both and see the not working features, then 3 dealer visits to get it fixed.
I did like how the car looked and drove though.

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I’ve had the same type of service as @austaz did. In fact, Jag just bought back my 2017 XF that was in the shop for 114 of the 350ish days that I had it. The infotainment stuff was crazy unreliable… but I agree, fun car to drive when I actually could.

Well, I’m on my 4th leased Jag, and personally I really appreciate people like you who keep our cars rare on the roads. Don’t want them to become heaped like the Germans everywhere. Keep up the good work.

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I’m in the same boat. Had a range rover velar for 8 months…the dashboard would black out while driving and a host of other issues.

so far on the east coast it’s been about 650-750 all in, varying for tax, term and msrp

Well, I’m on my 4th leased Jag, and personally I really appreciate people like you who keep our cars rare on the roads.

To be fair, it’s JLR keeping them so rare on the roads because they’re at the dealer being “fixed” so often.

No need to be offended by someone else’s bad experience, just be happy you got your vehicle and didn’t get theirs.

Yep, a friend has a XE and is getting another one to replace it when the lease ends as he’s never had a single issue with his so never went through the dealer nightmare.

Oh the stories, backup camera with the safety warning blocking most of the view while you backup, infotainment system rebooting once a week while driving, all the collision alert system shutting down once a week after a 1/4 mile of driving, no traffic alerts for 6 months …

But it had the best cooled seats I’ve ever had in a car even if the base cooled more than the back (another design flaw…).

San Jose Aka Land Rover Stevens Creek on Stevens Creek Blvd is too busy selling overpriced Range Rovers to help you score a deal on Jaguars. They quoted me friend like $700+ w/ 5k down on a P280 Velar which was ridiculous.

Check out Jaguar Livermore - I heard they are more likely to play ball!

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Just got off the phone with Livermore.

Ben Simpson, internet manager, initially offered me 1300/month with 5K down. And took it down to 61K MSRP, 5K down, and a total of about 1K a month.

Funny guy, but had a good chuckle with him on a friday afternoon!