GM's Lease Incentives and Rebates


Can someone help me dissect the rebates and incentives this month for GM. Need some help from you GM gurus…

So Im looking at Autobytel’s page on a GMC Terrain SLE AWD and its giving a bunch of rebates and incentives. Are all of these applicable towards leasing or are some of these rebates only towards purchasing? (Doesn’t really say there)

Im in NY but moving to NJ soon and am wondering what the tax rate in NJ is for leasing? Is it by county tax or does the state of NJ charge a flat state tax for leases? In NY it goes by which county the car is registered in and by that county tax…fyi

Anyway, I asked Edmunds and the moderator came back with $3,500 incentives ($2,250 in CCR plus another $1,250 in CCR) but when Im looking at Autobytel I see there are tons of other rebates there, including a ($1,500) rebate for “Trade in Allowance” Can I apply this trade in allowance rebate towards my lease trade in? I have a VW lease currently with 3 payments left so If I could use that rebate, GM essentially would cover that. I know Im also eligible for the Competitive Lease Rebate ($1,500)

Looking for a GMC Terrain SLE AWD with a MSRP from anywhere of $32-$35 so my target is to shoot for 10% off MSRP BEFORE incentives.

Im hoping to be around mid $200’s on a nicely equipped Terrain SLE AWD (~32-35K MSRP) on a true sign and drive or minimal DAS (1st month and NJ dmv at signing) so if the rebates are there I think I can be successful if I do enough shopping.

Did a copy and paste of the rebates/incentives below…



24 Mo

36 Mo

48 Mo

60 Mo

72 Mo



SLE AWD $1,000 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Down Payment Assistance Program)
SLE AWD $500 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Stand Alone Cash
(GM Consumer Cash Program)
SLE AWD $1,000 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Bonus Cash Program)
SLE AWD - $2,250 $2,250 $2,250 - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Financial Supported Lease CCR)
SLE AWD $1,500 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Lease Loyalty Purchase Program)
SLE AWD $1,500 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(General Motors Competitive Lessee Program)
SLE AWD $500 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Lease Loyalty Program)
SLE AWD - $500 $500 $500 - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Select Market Incremental CCR Program)
SLE AWD $1,500 - - - - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Trade In Allowance Program)
SLE AWD - $750 $750 $750 - - 1/31/2019 Bonus Cash
(GM Select Market Incremental CCR Program)

1 conquest or loyalty and all CCRs. Can stack with supplier rebate OR GM credit card rebates. @chevysalesgirl please let me know if I got that right.

All of NJ has 6.625% tax rate. We keep it simple (and affordable) compared to NYS. Wait until your VW lease is up and you’re in NJ. It will be cheapest that way.

@BoardWalkNJ Yes, that’s what I was initially thinking but I saw the “Trade in Allowance” rebate which led me to believe it might be applicable towards leasing…

Im in no rush really. I have no crystal ball, but I also know historically GM has better incentives in March/April.

Good to know about the tax rate. Im currently at 8.375% in my NY county. What Im looking forward to is not having to do the annual NY inspection and NJ’s got you covered for 5yrs on new cars (yasssss)

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Honestly I think edmunds is easier to understand for GM rebates.

Anything that says lease, is for lease.

lease and purchase rebates are always different.
trade allowance, consumer cash and bonus cash is usually purchase.
anything CCR and lease loyalty or competitive but not both is lease. you can also use either lease loyalty or competitive lessee on purchases typically.
GM card points are not compatible with supplier discount programs.

That depends on the card, no? I think the old GM card can, but not the new Cap1 card?

Edit…the Extended Family card is good with GMS and GSU, but you earn much less % per transaction

Would pull ahead incentive and supplier CCR also stack with this? Thank you!

Pull ahead is a private offer so that would replace competitor or loyalty.