GMF Lease Transfer

I’m partially through the GM transfer process and they have indicated that GMF will handle the new registration, payment of taxes, and expect this to take 4-8 weeks on top of the normal paper work window of 2-3 weeks.

Has anyone dealt with this? My only other experience was US Bank and they left it to the lessee to go get the registration, pay the taxes, and get new plates. I assume while GMF sorts it out, it means the car will need to be parked without plates or reg. for weeks. Any feedback is appreciated!

The existing plates transfer, and all the other stuff happens at the point of the actual transaction, so it won’t affect you or the cars availability. Did they quote you an interest rate

I’m 99% sure the plates do not transfer in NY which is why I am wondering if anyone had experience because in that case you have no temp tags or plates and are stuck waiting until the new ones arrive.

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