GMC Yukon - Purchase

Looking to put in an order for a 2022 Yukon SLT. This will be a purchase and not a lease. MSRP is in the low $60s and dealer is willing to do 10% off MSRP pre-incentive on the order with an estimated delivery in January/February.

Not much recent info on a Yukon on the forum but can I do better than 10% or is it a solid deal? Region is Florida ($895 dealer fess but no bs sticker add-ons).

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10% off MSRP on a Yukon is so good I don’t believe it. Make sure you aren’t getting hit with a marked up interest rate or a $4000 add-on package. In my market, Yukon SLT sells for $2K to $5K over MSRP (even on orders) and I have been told 4 to 6 months for delivery.

Please share your dealer!


Sounds like a great deal. I think you mean interest rate as it’s a purchase.

From what I’ve seen near me lately 10% off is an amazing deal. Most Yukon’s I’ve seen are $300 off MSRP up to an 8k markup with a 3,000 off “sale.” This may be a too good to be true deal. Props to you if you are able to successfully carry out the deal.

Are you getting Supplier or something?

What am I reading. Dealer purchase order with dealer fee, for 10% off msrp and buyrate for finance and no add ons, and take it an bloody run.

I am also in Florida do you think they can give me the same discount, please let me know

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In the DFW area, these are going anywhere from $2k - $10k over MSRP. Ive seen dealers putting on a tint/nitrogen package adding another $3k.

Unbelievable deal, if you can get 10% off MSRP

For reference:

*PHX metro…$10K over msrp plus ridiculous add ons ($3K of junk add ons at most dealership in the Scottsdale area)

After searching all the across the country, found a dealer in the Midwest that will do MSRP for Yukons and Escalade orders (Escalades are insanely over MSRP in most locations)

Also found a dealer in the PNW that will do MSRP for orders.

Finally found a dealer in Tucson (about 1.5 hour south of me) that had an in stock 2022 that will do MSRP and only add on is window tint at $399. I am supposed to pick it up this week.

I would pay you a $500 finders fee for a referral to your dealer as paying MSRP for an American made SUV makes me sick.

Buy, buy, buy…

Yukon hands out

$49.95 for nitro? No deal!

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They scrape back another ~2%, but that looks pretty solid in this market

There’s about $1,300 in fees. That’s actually below average for Florida.

Yep, I live here too :slight_smile:

Are you able to give the dealer info ?

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I can share but will do so once my deal is locked in and order is finalized.

Take it and then resell in January. Rinse and repeat.

Thats really good. I just got Supplier and Costco on my Tahoe and thought i was doing pretty well. They matched CarMax’s ridiculous trade quote on my Wrangler so i saved 1560 in taxes too. I had an MSRP of 66 and was 63OTD.

I couldn’t agree more with what others are saying. This is a great deal in this market. Please share dealer info once you are all locked in. I have a deposit at 2 dealers and have been waiting 1.5 months at this point. I’m getting MRSP and in this market don’t feel awful about it. My area has a 10k “Market Conditions addendum”.

I just sent the salesperson the filled out docs he sent me along with a $1,000 deposit for the build. I asked him if it was ok that I share the details of my deal and send a few others his way. Once he replies back to me with an ok (so we’re not all wasting time) then I will be more than happy to share his details via private message.

A few of you have already messaged me asking for his info and I think a couple of others have in replies in this thread as well. If you’re interested in his info please PM me with your name and email address and i’ll give him a heads up as to who to look for and I will also give you his name, email address, and dealership name as a reply to your PM.