Gmc terrain sle - june deal

I have been asking for more info from the Dealer ,…but with below i just seem to get it to work/match with the calculator.

Can anyone give me more suggestion?


Don’t do it

I have another one…this is a loaner…should i do this?

these are all “$0” drive offs…

Nope. Try another dealer. That one must keep lots of KY in the storage closet.


Yeah these are terrible deals. I wouldn’t waste anymore time at that dealership.

Just got a 2018 slt terrain last night for $2k + $4,750 trade (Did the one pay. Would have been something like $150 per month)

GMF incentives= $4k
Off msrp= $2,600 (7%) had to work for that
Trade in= $4,750
Gm points =$4k
Total $15,350 off msrp
Total out of pocket tax, title, registration, dealer fee, $2k

No payments for 24 months.

What car did you trade in?

You have GM incentives = $4k & GM points $4k = $8000?

What was your total one pay then?

Traded in a 2011 GMC Terrain.

I was able to use my son’s F-150 lease for Conquest. Had $2k gm points + $2k top off points. Total incentives $4k + $4k in points.

One pay was $2k and change. Mostly tax (md)

Um, wasn’t your one pay $4,750 PLUS the $2K and change (i.e. $6,750 and change)?

Yeah the trade in make the deal look much better then it really is. $6750 plus change divided by the 24 months is around $281 a month. So with the change I’m guessing you come in around $300 a month which is almost as bad as OP’s deal and you had and extra $4000 in points as a rebate. The only thing that would be the difference is the higher trim, different residuals, or higher MF. Enjoy the car though!!