Gmc - terrain - sle awd with driver confidence and comfort package-3420 cant it get better

MSRP - 33942
Discount - 7% { Can this be bettered - is 10% to 12% possible }
CRR Rebates - 4150
Conquest - 3000
Doc Fee - NADA
DMV - 190
Residual - 66%
MF - 0.00135
Acq cost 650
Flex Cash -500 {Can this be bettered , know it can be upto 2000}

One Pay All Inclusive 3420/-

seems pretty awesome to me. the CRR rebate seems higher than what I was adding up in my market/situation. I thought it was max 3-3400

Can it be better? Probably. But it looks like a damn good deal to me.

Damn GM for only giving this rebate to the competitive owners again. I have a Cruze that’s due in May and am trying to figure out what to do. Have another car (ZL1) so don’t really have to lease something at the moment, but I’m really on the fence about trying to get something this month or see if there’s any GM loyalty deals in April…

I would say you’re not going to do any better. That’s an insane deal

Especially with those 2 packages - I don’t think you are going to get a better price. Just grab it before someone else does!

How many miles and what is the lease length? I’m looking for something like this for my mom in Florida.

I am assuming this is for 24 months? If so this is an insane deal. Seems too good to be true.

What is your location?

Love to know where you found a AWD for 33 MSRP! Talking to a bunch of dealers with no luck as of yet on an AWD.

Can you share location and dealer contact?

Upstate ny checking with sales person before sharing the info.

Please pm me dealer contact info

Just a few questions on this car and your account, How many cars have you purchased in the last 9 months?You’ve posted on at least 6 that you’ve “bought” at prices that are pretty much unattainable. You’ve never given out any dealers or posted photos to the trophy garage on “your” cars. I don’t see why people feel the need to lie on the internet, who are you going to impress with a Toyota Corolla?

Cars “you’ve” purchased since July 2017, mostly in the last four months though:

Toyota Corolla (2)
GMC terrain (1)
Subaru Crosstrek (1)
Toyota Rav4 (2)
Hyundai Elantra (1)
Nissan Rogue (1)


and where are these 6 cars?

do you have any proof? Also you said you picked up each of them :slight_smile:

Just wanted to know that you were the same guy (same username) on Quora saying he’s a dealer. And there are no photos of these mysterious cars?


Dont mind me im just here for the comments


I will also add that the numbers in your OP don’t add up.

To get 3420 one pay in NY(where you state you’re from), you need 11% off MSRP on top of the dealer giving you $500 flex cash and $750 employee discount. On a brand new 2018 model…in a month where GM is giving $3k conquest…with exactly the most popular options and nothing else.


Wow. Im following this one lol

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The numbers add up perfectly - The leasehacker calculator is off by a margin . Do 3420 down payment and it comes up to zero per month :slight_smile: