GMC Terrain Reviews

I would like some reviews for the GMC Terrain.
Is it worth the money and how would you compare to its competition. Also, what would you say is the direct competition?

Thank You

After having one for a week as a rental car, if the lease is >$50 a month, it’s not worth it. What a miserable vehicle.


Strangers on the interwebs are not a good source to forM your opinions for you. Go drive one.


I have been driving a 2018 Terrain for about 20 months now and I have been satisfied for what it is. (A decently equipped small SUV for about 120 a month lease).

Obviously you can’t get that deal anymore so not sure it would be worth paying 250+ for as there are likely better options currently in that price range.

It is quite roomy for its size though, more so than my wife’s RX350.

Watch YouTube videos. FWIW, we are very happy with its corporate twin the Equinox

I got an ‘18 . It’s a cute little runabout. I find it comfortable and economical. It was a good deal when I picked it up. Used it for four $2000 lease incentives on other GM vehicles I’ve bought, so it’s paid for itself twice. Not something I’d pay a lot of money for, but I’ve enjoyed having it.

I leased a basic SLE 1.5T in early 2018 when the deals were really good. Overall I have enjoyed it for what I needed it for, just basic A-B transportation while keeping miles off my other vehicle. The gas mileage is fantastic with normally avg around 27+mpg in town and low mid-30’s on highway. It has respectable power and the 9spd auto doesn’t seem like it hunts or shifts too much. The cargo area is spacious and I have loaded my bicycle in the back with no issue with rear seats folded flat.
I will say I have not been able to get 100% comfortable driving position with the base manual cloth seats. I have sat in SLT’s and Denali with the power multi adjustable leather seats and I think they are quite a bit better.

All in all, I have a few months left with it and while I’ve been pleased for the $ I probably wouldn’t lease another one unless it was an upper trim SLT with the added features and even then it would need to be had for a really good deal.

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