GMC Sierra Denali--Looking for Feedback

2017 GMC Sierra Denali 4WD

MF: 0.00112
RV: 67%
MSRP: $64,645
Net Selling Price: $60,695
Incentives: $500
Acq Fee: 595
LH Score: 9 Years

+$200 Doc Fee
+$300 Flat Rate Tax (SC)

Dealer tried to get me to $584 with 595 Down Payment. I’m thinking no down payment and keep lease payments at 599.

Any thoughts on how good of a deal this is?

You can do much better on the sales price. I leased the same truck in January for $450 a month, which includes 9.25% sales tax, with just the first payment due at signing. The residual and MF were better in January, but the sales price was more like $56,000 too. I can’t remember exactly, and I’m writing this on my phone, but search “sierra Denali” and you’ll see it.

What state are you in?

Agree on sales price. If dealer isn’t coming at least 10% off on mainstream vehicles its not worth it.

I’m working on a Denali lease also, but I’m running into the same issue. I’ve talked with three dealers, and none of them discount more than $3500-4000 on leases, which equates to around 6-7% off MSRP. Of course, if I was purchasing all of the factory incentives and rebates would kick in for big savings…But they don’t apply to leases.

Best I’ve gotten so far is $525/month for a 36 month/10k yr lease with MSRP of $58,200 and no money down. That’s not terrible at all, but I’m shooting​ for around $450. That includes 5% sales tax.

Began shopping the Sierra/Denali … was hoping to take advantage of some larger discounts and high residuals but similar pressure getting dealers to play ball. Even took a run at a couple demos as had luck in the past with GM (Cadillac SRX) but to no avail … welcome additional thoughts or strategies on how to optimize to get one closer to $400 than $600 (including access to GMS).