GMC lease (Sierra AT4) incentives through Ally question

Currently working through email offers to dealers and realized that I may have made an incorrect assumption in those offers, but wanted to confirm with those with much more experience.

I’m making offers on a Sierra AT4 with the assumption I would go through Ally. The residual is higher and I assumed I could get the purchase incentive of $5,250 going that route. The only dealer to respond so far has said that is not the case.

Could you all confirm one way or the other? Need to determine if I need to start the process over.

Understood and lesson learned. Thanks!

GMC dealer told me you could

Well I was hoping for a clear consensus on the issue. Looks like there may be some disparity in opinion. Anyone else have some insight?

It worked for me last year on a GMC 1500 I used US Bank.

I was able to get the Chevy/GM cash via an ally lease.

My understanding is that since it’s a 3rd party lease, ally is essentially purchasing the vehicle and therefore the purchase incentives can be used.

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I’m just about to pull the trigger on a Silverado because of this issue but would still prefer the AT4 - is there any way I can confirm one way or the other on this?

I was using GM numbers and rebates to negotiate with them, and they met my asking price (total lease cost, monthly with first payment at signing) by using ally numbers.

They showed around 8% dealer discount
About 7500 cap cost reduction (which was the total of Chevy retail rebates, and conquest) at the time.

They made it work so I didn’t question it

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