GMC elevation 2020 crew cab 5.3

Hello guys I am trying to lease a GMC Sierra 1500 elevation MSRP 54k selling price 49k I told him can we go down and he said there is no wiggle room. He said he can take off 12k if I buy it but I want to lease.

2000 down
Monthly payment 575 which is very high

Crewcab 5.3
Blue elevation.
Beautiful truck

He told me he can 400$ for a 2.7 that only has the value package and 2300$ down I don’t want the 2.7

I need help can you please tell me how much they lease for

My zip 06477
Please share your numbers


Good luck at that GMC dealer here in CT. I tried to lease two times from them over the years and walked out both times laughing at them.
I am in CT also and suggest trying Mario Daddario in Shelton. I had much better luck dealing with them on GMC and also Cadillac as well.

You have quite a bit of research to do as to what goes in to a lease if you want to be successful in your search. Start by deleting this dealer’s information, then spend a lot more time reading and learning.

If you’re in a hurry, there are some great brokers on here that can help you. I’d suggest reaching out to them.

Awesome thank you very much I actually live 5 mins away from Shelton gmc haha. But I will check them out for sure. Thank you

Any broker Recommendation? I have seen a lot of Toyota