GMC Acadia STL-1 lease


I have tried to hack a lease for the Acadia after test driving it and seeing the article in this site. I have only been able to get prices in the high 400’s, The MSRP is around $42000 but they are saying there is only $500 of incentives when the article was saying $5500 possible and a lease around $270 per month. Has anyone had success with a lease for an Acadia for under 350 per month, if so can you please post your numbers. Thank you so much, this is my first hack attempt. :pray:t2:

GMF incentives are regional. If your region (which you didn’t tell us) only has $500 in incentives, what does it matter what anyone is paying for an Acadia in a different region?

Edit: and the front page article is an SLE-1, which is definitely not an SLT-1.

I live in south Florida and I know the trim and MSRP is different but I was trying to adjust my price expectation accordingly. I’m sorry I am very new to this and trying to learn and understand and I truly appreciate the feedback and help. Is it possible to only have $500 incentives and $5500 elsewhere?

Yes. They also vary by trim.

Ok. So according to edmunds the MF is .00081 and the residual is 54%
The MSRP is $41765 and 10% off is $37589
It’s a 36/12k lease and plugging those numbers into the leasehack calculator is this true best price I can expect to pay with zero drive off? $535 tax in? I’m sorry I’m just trying to understand.