Gmc acadia lease deal

What do you think of this deal?
Sle 2 with sunroof and 8 inch bose radio awd
3 years 36000
Msrp: 41905
Costco sale price:39700
Offering me additional 1000 consumer cash
500 loyalty rebate
500 farm bureau rebate
Residual 63%
M.f. .0007
Tax in my ny area is 8.675

Total monthly cost 414 with just mv fees and 1st payment
I also get a $700 costco gift card

You didn’t need to start a new thread… Anyway, you might be able to get a larger discount if you negotiate instead of using Costco pricing. Wait til the end of the month, the price will get lower

you should be getting not less than 6% off of this car

With the 1000 cash back there giving me I think it brings the discounted sale price to 8%. I’ve tried numerous dealers Noone seems to be willing to go lower than that. Costco expires at end of month and they claim the extra 1000 select model cash expires on Dec 12th. Do you still think waiting to the end of month will help.

Seems good, not great. Considering checking out the Traverse or dropping trim levels a bit for higher residuals (I believe the SLE 1 is +2pts on residual [or in that range]). For a $42k car though, not bad.