Gmc $1000 terrain online private offer

I was looking at Gm numbers and when I entered to the following URL, a pop up showed up with 1000$ private offer, I am not sure if you can replicate it but if you are in the market it will help a lot ,

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It’s random. GM Has been doing this off and on for years, mostly on Chevy’s website, but it’s been located on Buick + GMC too. You either get a popup for the private offer certificate if you’re a winner, or a “request a quote” popup if not.

Some have tried different browsers, clearing cache, etc. Some get it right away…others it takes several tries, whereas others can’t get the popup to appear at all. You usually have to navigate around a bit for either of the popups to appear.

There are some restrictions as to what the private offer can stack up with (or at least there were in the past), so check the fine print. It’s a nice bonus if you can get it though and it helps you out.

Are conquest and loyalty offers considered private offers? I thought they used to be but do not see that language in those offers any longer. I would think they are not private, since they can be utilized by anyone who qualifies.

Edit, the Chevy offer page I see does indicate loyalty and conquest cash are private offers, so this would not stack with those.

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I browsed the builder for about 2 minutes and the PCO popped up.

There may be a couple flavors of private offers. Just for giggles, I played with it for a couple minutes, and received a private offer for 1,500 for a Canyon only.

Use your $1k private offer to pay the drive offs on one of those $149/month SLE Terrain deals that are advertised in SoCal. Not a bad deal at all

Anyone know if this is possible? Or are these $149 deals already including this discount? If you can apply the coupon to pay your drive offs, this would certainly be the best current deal on any vehicle I’ve found, SUV or otherwise.

It would be dependent on if the private offer could be stacked with other incentives you qualify for.

Got one the other day for an Acadia, dealer said it could not be stacked

I assume you had loyalty or conquest.

There was a hefty discount for financing through GMC