GM supplier discount? Help or hurt a deal?

So with the GM supplier discount does that just give you a set price off the MSRP? Or can I negotiate a lower price on the msrp than ask them to deduct supplier price?

Seems like with the gm supplier it only takes off about 1400 off the msrp… does a supplier discount hurt a deal??

depends on the salesperson you use. with GM, we HAVE to sell at OR below supplier pricing in order to use the code. so advantageous on most cars.

I have had dealers insist they can get me a better deal without WITHOUT supplier pricing…

they’re derps and don’t know how to use it. i use supplier on almost all my deals from where people work and educators and whatnot.

With that I wish you were on the Northeast…

I tried explaining how to structure a deal and didn’t get anywhere…

i’ll message you to explain.


The GMC dealer I have a deal with right now told me the same thing. Said his price was already far below supplier/employee pricing and it made no sense to use it. I checked the GM site and it seemed to imply the same, that it was just a set price under MSRP, not an added rebate/incentive.

correct me if I am wrong but I thought by using this discount their was a dealer discount on the backside. Or maybe that is only employee pricing.

Do dealers get paid by GM if they use the supplier discount? A couple I’ve talked to tried to claim that the discount came from their profit margin.

Do you do GMC deals as well? I’m considering leasing an AWD diesel SLE or SLT Terrain but haven’t even found a dealer worth negotiating with yet. I’m also going to look at the Bolt and the Volt, but I think the volt might too small for me (I’m 6’1"). I’m in Socal.

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i only do chevy. between bolt volt and terrain theyre all completely different. time for some test drives!

I’ve only driven the Terrain 2.0 and Diesel so far. Prefer the Diesel. My only real issue with it is it’s not real small and agile like I’m used to, but hugely practical and a good value, and fit and finish is really nice on it. Other issue is there’s not really any big GMC dealers close by, maybe Santa Monica but I don’t think they’ve got much to choose from there either.

I’ll probably drive the Bolt and the Volt and maybe the Malibu Hybrid this weekend. Also need to look at the Ioniq again.

The only two reasons I have never used my GM Supplier discount is because 1) I got a better price without it and 2) if I did use the Supplier discount program, my GM Credit Card Earnings could NOT be used for any further price reduction.

Not sure if that has changed within the last year or so If you have GM Credit Card Earnings make sure you can use them with any other programs you may be using.