GM Shop Click Drive

Alrighty hackers, I am annoyed with the GM Shop Click Drive site. I found a car I was interested in, and was reading up on the offers. Some of the cash offers and special pricing isn’t available for leasing, and so when you click “lease” instead of “finance” on the Buy.GM page, it gives you a different dealer price and removes the incentives you aren’t eligible for. Yes, I see that it says the price may change due to incentives but it typically removes the ones you aren’t eligible for automatically.

Last night we filled out an application on the car including credit information and they ran a hard credit check on us. Today they call and say the lease pricing is actually $300+ more expensive per month than what is on GM Buy Site. I’ll attach here. What gives? Anybody have experience leasing through here and having the numbers match? The entire point is to do it all online and not have to go into a dealer to negotiate. Is there someone I can call or talk to at GM instead of the dealer?

Shocker, some sort of BS one stop car buying site doesn’t work, another shocker, it’s GM’s own site. Look at the fine print, it’s just an “estimate”. Talk to real dealers if you want real numbers!(and that’s no guarantee either!) Only dealers can sell you a car, not GM



6 Years at a GM Dealer and Shop Click Drive just is not accurate and very confusing.
Better off reaching out to the dealer direct or I can help.