GM loaner question

Hi everyone, i got a couple question here.
does GM loaner RV and MF change base on the miles in had?
also i understand that with Caddy loaner, you lose the miles already on the car, does all GM work the same way?
my buick encore is up in 3 weeks and having a hard time finding something as cheap ><… so im thinking if loaner is worth a try


In General loaners for GM vehicles tend to be a waste of time. They aren’t usually discounted much further from New stock, and you have to deal with losing the miles and/or a residual adjustment. Unless you are getting an outstanding discount I’d just focus on new stock.


thanks for the reply. i thought if i would to lose those mile the vehicles already had then RV should have been the same as a new stock right?

I think this is the key here. I agree often they’re reluctant to give significant discounts but i’ve seen some big savings on loaner Cadillacs.

Yes, if I remember correctly you don’t take a residual hit until you pass 5000 miles on a loaner, below 5000 you lose the miles.

i see ad that has xt5 loaner $299 with tax and fee at das, still out of my budget tho

thanks for your help! greatly appreciated

What are you paying for the Encore now? And are you looking for a similar size/type of vehicle, or have your needs changed?

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where are you seeing that Ad?

simpson in buena park. i got my encore over there, it was $119 $0 das on their website and there was no shaddy business when i got there, so i assume their Caddy dealer would be good too.

im paying $119 plus tax for encore, i mainly just looking at anything as cheap as possible and since if i lease another GM the disposition fee can be waive so that why i start there. i only drove 15k last 2 years so really didnt drive all that much.
also i had the GM buypower card for a year now, i heard ppl gets offer from them from time to time but i have yet to get any, is there a certain time period they send out offer?

I’ve seen the top off offers come around periodically, they seem to stagger them around twice a year. Some people got them a few months ago. The last one I received on my personal card was 5/1/2018. I did not receive one yet for 2019.

my lease is up 6/8, hopefully i get something by june.

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Yeah I’d try to hold off until 6/1 if I could. If history is any indicator they should be sending something out soon.

thanks for the advise, thats what im hoping too

i was talking about the $299 XT5 ad…where did you see that?

Simpson at buena park, im just saying thats the same dealer i got my encore with good experience so their ad should be no BS.
on the disclosure of that ad
First payment, tax, title, license, documentation and lender fees extra. 2 AT THIS OFFER. VIN# C246202 2,114 MILES VIN# C248608 2,390 Miles


In the last year (or so) Simpson Buick/GMC took over the old (Renick Cadillac) franchise and moved it to the Buena Park dealership. So now they have Buicks and GMC’s and also Cadillacs all under the same roof.

Their Buick/GMC website is separate form the Cadillac website but their dealership is just one building.

Hi @Masterblaster, you pointed me to simpson 2 years ago, thanks for the tip.

You are so welcome !

I think you’ll find though that leases cost a bit more this year.