GM Lease Return - Looking for 1st hand experiences

I have questions regarding fee/charges folks have seen after turning in a lease and/or what AutoVIN tends to bill for, specifically, curb checked wheels?
Due to the pandemic I can’t (as of now) get my May 1st lease return inspected. I had my appointment 3 weeks ago cancelled by AutoVin. I’m in a tough spot where I can’t get damages fixed in advance.
I contact GM to see if they can offer a damage waiver due to the timing and the fact that I TRIED to get this done nearly 2 months prior to turn in but was unable to; they flatly said NO, they can’t help me.

I have 4 curbed wheels (hey it’s my wifes car :)) Is there ANY way to know what GM/AutoVin will bill me for these? Is it generally a crap shoot on wheel damage? Their return documentation allows up to 4" of damage per wheel…all my damage is above that.

I happen to know a guy that does wheel repair and he can squeeze me in a few days before turn in and fix all the wheels for $380 (after some negotiation). I need to decide if I should get them repaired or not. Finances are tight as I’ve had to take a pay cut to keep my job and my wife’s business is essentially decimated for the year due to the virus.

Any, thoughts or feedback?
Thanks a lot.
PS. We’re over miles on the lease and literally haven’t driven the vehicle in 2 months so extending the lease won’t help us.

*fwiw the pics do exaggerate the damage quite a bit; it’s not as bad in person

When I returned my 2016 Volt, I was billed for slight curb rash on one of my wheels. It was $85 and about 2 inches.

You should consider trading it out if you are over mileage and to avoid the depo fee.

I’d roll the dice, the only one they might get you for is that second to last pic. Get it nice and dirty, go drive through some mud. It will help you to extend because they give you more miles, need to do the math and see if that’s cheaper than paying the miles when you turn it in.

Thanks for the info.
With this pandemic hurting both of my households incomes we’re HIGHLY considering going with just 1 vehicle (my trusty '12 Nissan Titan) for the rest of the year and grabbing a lease or purchase in December.

Thanks for the info.
They told me they can’t add miles otherwise I would have taken them up on the offer 2 months ago when I asked. I will get on to GMF chat right now and ask again (if I can get through)

You might have an issue turning it in, unless you’ve already found a dealer that can take it.

I thought they added miles at a prorated amount, but I could be completely wrong.

Really? Sales departments are open in CO right? How can they justify not accepting a lease return? I’ll call my local dealer now and ask.

Yeah make a call just to make sure, they are doing home delivery on sales.

Sadly Gm does’nt prorate miles for lease extension which baffles me. My lease return date was 4/1 and I called in to extend it but in that conversation they told me the miles will not be adjusted and will be the same as initial turn in. I wish they would revise this policy because we are in different circumstances.


Would the reason be due to residual values? Because if they pro rated miles they would have to redo all the calculations on how much your car is now worth, how much dealer has to pay for it and so on. They just didn’t do that ahead of time.

Keeping the same number of miles saves them a LOT of work on calculations market values etc.

They pay people to do these things plus it’s not rocket science.

Don’t they need actuaries? And why pay them if you don’t need them to do this work? Their business, their choice.

I’m not saying it’s right. Just a possible reason why they may choose to do it this way.

I turned in a GM Financial lease a few years ago. That vehicle had many issues of damage. The inspection was done and I was charged $850 for the damage. I called GM to pay for it and ended up with a great rep that basically told me to talk to a supervisor to see what could be done on the bill (note I turned in and leased from a different manufacturer). Once on the phone with the supervisor I was able to negotiate 50% off of the bill if I paid it immediately (verses making an installment plan). Your results may very, but if you are hit with charges call and negotiate with GM.

You don’t need to be an actuary to be build such a relatively simple mathematical model.

Yeah it’s their choice to f*** people over at a time like this (hard to return cars, hard to get decent deals on new cars, but hey let’s stick our lessees with a mileage overage charge after an extension even though they are paying the original “full” price on a car that’s three years older now).

It’s also our choice to vote with our wallets.

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I understand what you’re saying but this is the first time I’ve ever experienced this. BMW, Infiniti, and Lexus behaved completely different when it came to extending the lease. Another point that might bother some is that GMF explained to me that any payments made during extension would not reduce the payoff amount. A lot of this is new to me because the other captives were easier to deal with.

My experience was great. Returned chevy volt on 3/10 without getting a pre inspection. I was only charged disposition fee. $395+tax. I did not change tires in the 29.5k miles it was driven and I only took it in for service for the 2 free visits they offered. Car was clean for the most part, I feared getting dinged for tires or maintenance and a scratch in the back from garage door (see pic) but luckily it was all good

I talked to my local GMC dealer and thankfully they said they can accept my lease return anytime. I met with the used car manager as he had offered to go over the car real quick to see if the thought GM would ding me for anything and he said they’d ding me for wheels and 2 tiny dents (easy pdr repairs). After his comments on the dings I realized he likely had no clue what he was talking about.

Side note: GM SUV leases such this month (Enclave is best with 1.15% MF and 60% residual and ZERO incentives) in my region so I’ll likely pay dispo and go with one car or MAYBE scoop up a Tundra deal…we’ll see.


Update for those who have any interest.

-I did go ahead and have all 4 wheels repaired the day before turn-in for $375

I just logged into my GMC Financial account and was pleased to see no additional charges! Just the $495 dispo fee and $401 for mileage.

The car was extremely clean overall, a few (2-3?) tiny PDR type dings. The interior was like new and the tires were regularly rotated and were RIGHT at the minimum depth required.


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