GM lease pull ahead

So I leased three GM vehicles last Christmas for two years. My first leases. Does GM make pull ahead offers and if they do, how many months in advance are they? Thanks for any input.

An answer and a question.

I got the pull ahead offer in mid-May for a December expiration.

Is this a one time deal or will I get a fall offer as well?

I’ll ask this re pull-ahead instead of making another thread for now. Would someone who did a one pay lease not get a pull ahead offer or lose out on some of the advantages of a pull ahead offer (i.e. waived payments)?

The pull ahead is a private offer. If the pull ahead is worth less to you than a different private offer then don’t use it.

As far as I know all the pull ahead does is waive the last few remaining payments correct? Different companies may have slightly different terms also.

I have received a pull a head offer from Chevrolet on my 2015 Traverse, lease ending in September. I received it back in March and it is good until ???. They will make up to 4 payments, PLUS add in another $1500.00 incentive to be used for cap cost reduction. The total payments are capped at an amount which I don’t recall right now. However, my 4 remaining payments of $340.00 each are well within the limits.

I also just received an additional top off amount of $750.00 added to our GM credit card earnings yesterday in the mail good until June 30th. I will be shopping around this week trying to put together a good deal on a 2018 Equinox FWD LT. I have 4 payments remaining so I could turn in the Traverse early without having to roll over any fees or costs. The GM Financial lease was set up with no termination fee at lease end.

I have been told however from one dealer that my Ohio Farm Bureau $500.00 bonus money can not be used on the 2018 Equinox. I will be double checking that this week with a few other dealerships. That program is set to expire at the end of May and the same dealer told me they received a letter saying GM will no longer offer the Farm Bureau program after that date.