GM Financial Lease Return -- Used tires


Just a heads-up if you’re putting tires on at lease end to pass inspection for a vehicle leased through GM Financial (just had ours done by AutoVIN).

Car is pristine and under mileage (as all of my lease returns have been), all 4 tires passed for tread-depth by a WIDE margin and match OEM make/model/size EXCEPT: the current tires have a “better” speed rating of 102V vs the OEM 102H.

They want $1000.00 for that.

Called GMF, told me that I can’t dispute until I return the vehicle and they send me a bill. I said, “that’s too late, I will have replaced the vehicle already and I’m trying to determine if my next one will be a GM – based on your response to this.” They were nice, but absolutely didn’t care if I walked. So I will. (After 22 years of buying new GM vehicles, LOL, which otherwise have been better-priced, perfectly reliable, good-enough appliances over the years).

So, just a heads-up, don’t think you’re gonna get away with the “trick” of giving them better tires than they gave you. Oh no! They’re too smart for that! (sarcasm)

I’m off to shop for some used cheap tires, and a non-GM vehicle.

EDIT: as I recall @RVguy commenting, all the leasing companies are getting more prickly at lease end due to the losses at auction, so likely not specific to GMF. Won’t stop me from walking away from them though.

This stinks but GMF has a valid point IMO.

How did you end up going through a set of tires if you were under mileage - what vehicle was it?

45k lease. Surprised to hear that it’s a valid point.

Why? It’s clearly stated in the end of lease guide. You may not like it but it’s plain as day.

GMF inspections are super lenient and by the book. This isn’t like USBank charging $2000 for ‘headlight scratches’.

Speed rating is an actual legitimate thing on a tire. It’s a safety issue, which GM now apparently takes seriously after covering up killing people for decades.


These aren’t mismatched. They’re all the same size and speed rating. That’s what tripped me up.

So, again, not trying to debate, just hoping others don’t make the same mistake I did. That plus I got a chance to vent. I feel better.

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By mismatched they also mean not the same as OE.

Like I said it definitely stinks though, hopefully your post helps someone else :slight_smile:

When it comes to tire specs, they better match, no ifs ands or buts, I call it robot behavior, they don’t care about common sense. Could be the cheapest Chinese tire you could find, but as long as the spec matches you’re good to go. Sell these tires and find a new set, save yourself the hassle, or Craigs