GM Financial lease extension?

I got in on the Cruze Limited deal and am looking ahead to lease end. Coworker has a Toyota and was able to extend payment by 6 months with TFS. Guessing this doesn’t usually make sense but the idea of continuing the low low Cruze payment is appealing to me. I can’t find any information online if GM offers a lease extension program. Any thoughts?

I just called Ally this morning about extending my 2013 Camaro lease which ends this month. You are able to get a 3 month extension, however the payment is recalculated. My payment would go up $8/mo if I were to extend it.

Bumping an old thread.
Did you happen to get your answer for GM lease extension?

I called GM Financial about something else a few months ago and asked while I was on the call. I was told that they will extend leases in “certain situations”, I was unable to get details on what those situations would be.

My lease expires Dec 31 with a hefty registration fee due Nov 1. Without a clear path toward extending the lease and spreading out the registration fee I am likely to turn in the car prior to Nov 1, Luckily Costco’s holiday bonus should be active by then.

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