GM Financial Disposition Fee


Just wondering what some of your thoughts were on this.

I had a 2017 Equinox due back 2-1-19, after receiving dealer advertisements and emails to start looking for a replacement lease vehicle starting around 11/18, we (my wife and I) found and took delivery of a new 2019 Equinox on a 2 year lease AND purchased a new 2018 Malibu on 12-27-18. Lease pull ahead wasn’t offered so I made the remaining payment on the 2017 Equinox and turned it in on 2-1-19.

Fast forward to 3-29-19 I received an invoice for the disposition fee because I didn’t take delivery of the vehicle until AFTER my lease expired. Who shops for a new vehicle lease until after their lease expires? I thought the idea of the disposition fee was due to brand loyalty. This is my 3rd concurrent lease of Equinox’s AND a new car purchase. I’ve been in communication with GMF and my dealer, but so far haven’t gotten anywhere. If they are seriously going to kick a loyal customer down the road I’m done with GM.


What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Did you call GMF?

Sounds like you owe the dispo fee per the terms of your contract. GM lease loyalty (waiver of dispo fee and $500 in damage waiver) ONLY applies if you ground the current GM lease concurrently with signing the new lease. It’s very clearly explained in the GM workbook. There are very specific instructions to the dealer for how to ensure loyalty by tying the grounding of the lease with the signing of the new lease. Blame the dealer for being dumb or yourself for not researching.

I did once, talked to 2nd level of customer service to no avail. Wife called yesterday, gentleman says he feels I shouldn’t have to pay it, but the way the contract is written, there is nothing he can do. He suggested to keep calling my dealership, which we have. I emailed her (saleslady) yesterday, but haven’t heard back yet. I have contacted GMF through 2 social media channels also to no avail yet.

Funny thing is when my 2014 went back (GM was using Ally at the time), I leased the 2017 about 3 months prior to turning in our 2014, no fee was charged. Didn’t think I had to worry about shady fees. So yes, shame on me.

Ally doesn’t have one


Incorrectly assuming that you wouldn’t owe it does not make it a shady fee :rofl:


I’ve seen it said on here it is a “loyalty fee”. If they are so shortsighted that they haven’t realized I’ve taken delivery of 4 new vehicles in 5 years, then so be it. Thanks for your help boss.

Not sure how it’s in a dealership’s power to waive a fee charged by GMF. Escalate within GMF.

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Again, how many GM products you own has nothing to do with anything. The only way to waive the dispo fee is to ground the old lease at the same time you get a new lease, and the dealer must complete the lease loyalty form.

You are welcome to escalate within GMF but per the contract and the terms of lease loyalty you owe the fee - getting snippy with me for explaining why won’t change the situation.


Laughing at me, and calling me dumb doesn’t change a thing either.

I was laughing at you calling a disposition fee a “shady fee” like its a $495 blinker fluid charge. I tend to laugh at flat out ridiculous things. Clearly that needed to be set straight, lest someone else read this thread and think that disposition fees are ‘shady fees’ which can be negotiated.

However, I did not call you dumb. That is a lie. I said that you failed to research, which was true. I said that the dealer was dumb, if they told you that what you did would get you out of the disposition fee on your prior lease. You are just taking your frustration out because you didn’t get the answer that you wanted; life must be hard. I’m sorry.

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Are you a salesperson? Do you know what the word lie means?

It’s almost like you want me to call you dumb. I’m still not going to.