Gm excess wear and please

I have to turn in my GM car and it was assessed $1600 excess wear and tear. I understand GM will provide$500 if I buy GM vehicle.

Do dealers generally bear the other part? or, do I have to pay it up? Just wished to know if anyone has been able to get it waived when they approached a dealer for new car.

The report charged me $200 for a missing key, which seemed exorbitant.

appreciate your suggestions.

How many miles did you go over on your contract?

None. I am below 800 miles as of today. So lot of it left.

what are the charges?

You will have to pay it. That is what the contract you signed says. The only way you can avoid these charges is if the dealer purchases the car from GM Financial instead of you turning it in. $200 for a missing key seems reasonable based on how expensive they are now a days

Few scratches and one small crack in the back bumper, which costs $700.

I’d love to know if you got the XS Wear. If not would these be covered?

A crack in the bumper means they have to replace the whole thing. $700 is very reasonable

it is reasonable, Lexus wanted $375 for a missing key

Go find out who your GM dealer’s approved body shop is and go there directly and have them quote out how much it is to fix it. If it’s less you can do it before turn in if time permits. The reason why i say use a GM dealer’s approved body shop is to avoid them saying “it wasn’t fixed properly” because you went to some ghetto place that fixed it with scotch tape. They can’t really tell you it wasn’t fixed right if you use the same repair place they use and then they have to make it right.

This is of course all a headache and time consuming, all depends how much time you wanna spend on it and how much it will ultimately save you.

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not necessarily. Could be patched and repainted if small.

See what CARMAX will offer as-is, you may come out ahead

highly unlikely but i’m always a fan of going to carmax just for piece of mind