GM Employee “Purchase Bonus Cash”. Can this be used for a lease?

I am a GM employee looking at a 2017 Acadia to lease. I get my employee discount but also advertises “purchase bonus cash” of $4,000. Can I apply this to the sale price of a lease? My coworkers say yes, but the dealer tells me no. Any idea?

it says purchase bonus cash so it is only applicable for retail purchases and not leases. The dealer is correct

I don’t know these things…but from what I have seen if you are an employee you buy the car at GSM pricing so you have a lower starting point, That applies to leases.

The question didn’t revolve around GMS pricing, but the additional incentive along with it. You are correct…part of the perk of being an employee is a better price on the car. However, the question pertained to a specific incentive, which does NOT apply to a lease, employee or not.

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