GM Employee Discount on Cadillac XT4 Lease?

Has anyone leased one of these with GMS? Can you share your deal with us?

I suppose you have seen the GM Cadillac flyer for employees…

This is a super pointless thread.

Just plug the numbers into the calculator, you can look up GMS pricing online in 5 mins. Unless you find a demo or a dealer willing to throw flex cash on it, that’s the answer.

Yes and every single GM dealer in the upper Midwest advertises employee pricing deals…


Lease for $359/Month

36 months | 10,000 miles per year.

MSRP : $42,060.00

Lease for $359/Month, 36 months 10,000 miles per year. $1,995 Cash Down Due at signing. Must qualify for General Motors Employee Pricing and GM Lease Loyalty. Plus1st Payment, doc, CVR, place, title & tax. With approved credit. No security deposit. Stock# 20G3333. Offer ends 8/03/2020

Had you actually read the flyer I posted, you would have seen that the indicated employee XT4 deal was better than what you posted.

This is one of the most annoying things in Michigan. Every single commercial / offer you hear is employee pricing.


I was agreeing with you but had you read what I posted, you’d see that they are different trims ($7k higher MSRP) and includes state sales tax.