GM deals for this month: Bolt 250, Equinox 18 LT 3.5k (1.5k competitive + 2k bonus cash)

I saw these posted in some ads in MA and confirmed by looking @chevygal spreadsheet and Randy in Texas. No clear breakdown but Equinox should be pricing at low 100 on the 28k MSRP LT AWD 24/10 lease.


Quirk is running a $4500 dealer discount on Equinox.

With an MSRP of 29,445, I am seeing numbers around $111 per month excluding TTL. (conquest lease needed)

However, most Equinoxes have an MSRP of 31,340 so the monthly is going up to $141. (conquest needed)

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yep. 2018 LT equinox lease is pretty awesome for it just coming out.

Is there loyalty rebates for Chevy owners (not lessees?)

With Chevrolet Equinox 2018, does this incentive apply for Leasing?
Bonus Cash
(GM Financial Chevrolet Incremental CCR Program)


All dealers say the 2 k cash is purchase only. Not lease. Just FYI. Ive spoken to 15 dealers already… Most in northeast are offering 1500 competitive 1000 select market and 750 ccr select market plus then 2 tags. It’s about the sale price I can’t get lower than 7% except for the Bob Johnson chevy Rochester which offered 11%. Some will offer supplier pricing. @vhooloo btw chevy is offering extra incentives by randy haddock for only TX and Louisiana area. Stinks… I’ve been seeking 31,985 equinox LT Awd for a few weeks now. Dealers don’t want to play nice

2k cash only purchase. Not for lease. Like you mentioned. I’ve been trying different dealers.

Correct - I misread and the ads are not clear. Seems in NE, 1.5k conquest only on 2018, 2k bonus cash with purchase only. However, I saw Quirk, as mentioned earlier, throwing in a 4 to 6k discount as well. So it seems the $100 2018 Equinox is so close yet so far away :slight_smile:

That makes it interesting. If Rochester is willing to offer 15% like Quirk, you can get pretty close to $120 ish depending on MSRP.

The $750 CCR helps quite a bit. I only get $2500 in NE unfortunately.

I’ll be stopping by Quirk on Friday since I am in Boston and see if they are interested in doing a group sale. They have 45 Equinoxes on the lot in LT AWD.

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15 off MSRP is misleading. They are not doing that. That would include the bonus cash. So you shouldn’t ask for that that will not happen. Getting anything over 7% is a struggle since the car is new. A few places have gone supplier with 8% but only that one did 11%…No one is willing to match or come close so far. Again so far yet so close. I just can’t drive 10 1/2 hours away to save around 800 to see it get eaten up by gas and my time. Trying to get a place to split the 800

I’m in greater twin cities area in Minnesota and not seeing any conquest offers. Where did you guys find them? I checked chevys website and looks like only loyalty lease rebate for $500?

I have the same question as TotesJFM. My wife and I are about to complete a lease in November on a 2015 Subaru Legacy. We are going to buy the Legacy in November. I am looking at a car for my daughter and have seen the Trax/Encore deals get quite good in the past using the “Conquest” option. Thanks in advance for any advice.


I m in Boston… I’m interested in group buy

I’ll keep you updated to see if they actually honor the price. I am skeptical, but we will see.

interested too, since I need AWD and seems like even chevysalesgirl doesn’t have a lot of AWD inventory.

See chevy thread for deal I did.

Correct. Unfortunately the conquest incentives vary greatly by region

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Since you are a Subaru family already - why not get a Crosstrek or Forester for your daughter? Best safety and AWD.