GM / Costco Promo Question

I know the GM promo with Costco requires being a member before I believe the end of September. Here’s my question:

I joined Costco in March of 2018, but my membership expired earlier this year. If I renew (tomorrow for example) will I qualify as having a Costco membership since March of 2018 and be eligible for the GM promos? Or will it consider me a member since the day I renew. My card does have 03/18 printed on the back if that matters.

Thanks in advance.

I believe there was instances of people getting it even if the signed after September last year. Not sure how strict they are now. Have to call them.

At my warehouse, when you re-sign up after letting your membership lapse, they will simply renew your existing account. It will backdate your start date to when you originally signed up for Costco, so you should be good to go