GLE580 Discount?

There are only about a dozen of these left in the country, however they are '23s as the 24s are coming out much later this year. What is a reasonable discount to shoot for on them? (I know the lease is horrendous).

Sticker is it. Why would they discount knowing there are less than 12?


They’ve been sitting for over 120 days

Doesn’t mean anything. Dealer can move it to loaner and once it gets out, they can CPO it and sell it used

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I’ll try to get a free hat out of it.

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Can you explain the dealer profit or loss in this situations?

Do they come out ahead in all 3 cases on an in demand vehicle that will depreciate little as a loaner or cpo?


Vs selling brand new at market value

Vs selling loaner at market value discount

I got 5k off and some goodies. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.


Dealer gonna say dealer things😂


Oh cool! Mercedes loves to give their goodies out

Congrats! Time to smoke some 53 amgs.

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