GLC300 lease 2024

I wanna get a GLC 300 2024, 36 months 12k/year with 0 down. Under 600/month in central florida 32809.
Is this deal impossible?

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No, absolutely not


Why not? What’s a good deal in your opinion?

More like $1,000

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Simply put, that’s impossible in 2023 and the foreseeable future.

Edit: and you want this on the 24 facelift? Absolutely not a chance. You should finance that car if you really want it, and find a dealer who will even sell to you for MSRP.

What is a good deal in your opinion?

@derekoh1991 So what can I get under 550?

I suggest you look around at some brokers and hone in on what kind of car you want/need (price, suv, car, certain brand, etc) and then come back to this listing. As to even ask if this deal was possible is a bit farfetched anyhow, and now you just followed up with wanting to be under 550. Is that no money down and inclusive of tax? you’re severely, severely limited on that price range, especially if wanting a SUV.

Why did you also tag NY in your post?

Before or after taxes? Are you accounting for paying fees and first month’s payment at signing? If that’s your budget, forget about a Mercedes.

A search in the Marketplace will show you what you can get for that monthly. No one is going to tell you what car to buy. Good luck.

Probably loaner EQB

@dmashbur this is after tax.
Which a good broker you suggest?

@Bluemkn57cars this is after taxes. I am open to pay for first month and fees.
What a is a good deal for GLC in your opinion

Do you know what Incentives are going around now?
Thank you for the suggestion

$500 Affinity Participation

There are no good deals on the 2024 GLC.

:point_up_2::point_up_2: Have you done a search to see what you get for $550/month?

You keep asking that question as if the answer might change.

At any given moment, there are only a few non-electrified vehicles worth leasing. Everything else is a slaughter house for the sheep.

@max_g what are they?

@Bluemkn57cars I did but I couldn’t find anything

I think you should look at a Volvo XC60. This seems to be in the same world of want you’re going for. Just a hunch.

You couldn’t find any cars/SUVs in the price range being advertised by brokers?
Or you couldn’t find a GLC for $550/month?