GLC300 2020 demo lease

Hey all,
Got a question for a friend: he’s looking at GCL300 4matic. Previous demo, MSRP is 52,360, currently discounted to 42,990. It has 6,641. The dealer quote was very high. They are looking for 36/10. According to the calculator this is listed, here’s what I calculated. Is this right? Thank you.

Fees are off and do you know that’s the mf being given or is that buy rate?

That’s the MF given by Edmunds. Do you know the fees?

Whatever the dealer charges, reg and doc fee vary by location. Could do 8 MSD’s too

So other than that, that’s a number I should be aiming for?

Most (every?) MB dealer charges $1095 for acquisition fee if memory serves. Dealer and gov fees will vary by state.

You need to find what MF the dealer is charging. Does you no good to assume they’re giving buy rate.

Post a lease sheet with all the details, removes all the ambiguity

I’m going to try to get that.

Not bad to me for 17% pre incentives discount