Giulia Leasing Help in VA

I’m new at leasing, my local dealer indicates that the ‘17s aren’t leasing anymore. Is this true? I was being offered $12.5k off of the msrp on the ‘17s and $10k off on 18s. Is this a good deal? I was trying to lease for 24m/15k/$0 DAS, what should I expect to pay for monthly? I’m in VA so I’m paying the full tax up front per the leasing calculator. Is this correct? I’m willing to travel to get a better deal, I hear good things about the dealership in Erie, PA. Any other recommended dealers?

I’m looking for a white exterior, red interior, pano roof, 19 wheels. Other options don’t matter. ‘17 is fine as well. If anyone see’s anything that matches, please let me know.

Thanks I’m advance for the help!

Search for the recent deal at Criswell and talk to them, if you are in DC area.
You can’t lease 2017.

There is a decent Alfa Romeo dealer in NoVa. Text me if you need the contact info.