Getting out of Infiniti Q70 lease a LITTLE early

This is killing me, but maybe I’m obsessing too much.

Leased a Q70L for 39 months, lease ends 12/5/19, payments are $550/month
28,000 miles on it now and it needs new tires ($800??) and registration is due 9/5 ($550).
I DON’T want to put $1,350 into the car and then walk away from it in 3 months.
Anything to do, or did I just get into a bad deal?
I love the car but the residual’s too high to buy it. Probably will lease an MDX ASAP.


You can’t lease transfer.
You can sell and cough up the difference.
You may be able to pull ahead 2-3 months early.
Are tires bad enough Infiniti won’t accept them as satisfactory?

Oh, and don’t forget the disposition fees :wink:

Be glad your registration costs are that low

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You have 3 months to find a set of used tires. If you’re not re-upping on a new Infiniti, then you don’t have many other options since you have negative equity on a buyout.

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Low registration fees? Are they higher somewhere else outside California? Lol.

Tires may be ok. I don’t want to lease another Infiniti so I don’t have leverage. ButI do like them a lot.

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Arizona registration fees :sob:

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Nevada is nearly double Cali lol

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