Getting back Toyota MSD's

The lease on my Toyota Highlander is coming to an end in a couple of months. I’ll have some equity in the lease so I’m thinking of just rolling it into a new lease. On my initial lease, I made 6 MSD’s. Will I be able to roll those existing MSD’s into a new lease, or will I have to put up the funds to make new MSD’s, then get reimbursed once the lease company does their thing with the car I turned in?

Good Question… never really thought about that. I will see if I can get the answer for you. Most likely they won’t transfer to the new lease.

This is what I’m coming up with and have already gotten a dealer to agree with. It’s basically the same deal I had before. Can I do better?

MSD seems wrong. Looks like they are 180$ each? it should be like $325 each. Its rounded from the payment in increments of $25

I’m seeing a refundable MSD payment of $1,625. I put in 5 MSD’s so payment of $323x5 should be $1,615 so rounded in increments of $25 it sounds correct. I noticed that from 5-9 MSD’s it didn’t change the money factor. 5 MSD’s gets it down to .00001. Am I doing something wrong?

Its hard to tell if that MF in your calculator is already the reduced MF or not for your region. Our MF in LA region is 0.00062

Which would allow for 7 MSD and bring the MF to 0.00002

I reached out to a MA dealer, and asked what the MF was. They’re one of the highest volume Toyota dealers in the country. They responded with .00036. It shouldn’t be the reduced MF because I’ve made no mention of MSD’s yet. That just seems to confuse the internet sales folks, so I save the MSD talk for when I’m actually at the dealership. I found the residual to be pretty high for a 36 month lease at 64%.