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Very interesting on the F-Pace. Where is this at?

Jaguar sudbury MA :slight_smile:

Diesel in a Jaguar? Didn’t know that was a thing. That price sort of makes sense looking at the OTD listed price of 37180 on this one

Yeah, they have a wide variety in diesel … readily available

Is this on their website? I’m not seeing any $0 down deals under their specials

It’s their email flyer …

Yeah I see it now, thanks. Sadly it looks like it’s only for convertibles on the F-type, so back to the search for me…

It seems this is for 5k miles per year. I am still new to this, but do you have any advice on how to take their advertised deal and negotiate for increased mileage. Should I calculate the monthly on my own and go to them with a price?

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Take this deal to your local dealer. They should be eager to replicate. The increased mileage would be a simple calculation

My local dealer is Sudbury, it seems this is advertised for diesel models only the 20d, I wonder if I could get a similar deal for 25t? Also, how can I figure out how much they are offering off MSRP? I tried reversing into it by taking the 299 and using 61% and 0.00001 for MF (september numbers) for 25t premium, but I am not sure how to adjust for 5k miles vs 10k miles. If you can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to see if this can be had for under $350 per month all in.

Change the residual for the milage.

Ha - I have 6 months left on my XF lease but contacted my dealer anyway to see whether there was a deal to be had on the 2017 XFs. He was super excited to tell me how they are heavily discounted, great pricing, and how he can get me out of my current lease no problem. He then emails me with “what payment are you comfortable with. The normal lease on an XFS is in the $800s.” Umm, no. After I told him I didn’t have a set price in mind and that it really came down to sale price/money factor, he was terse in his response of uhh, let’s wait a few months.

I was definitely looking into this same deal in Sudbury, if anyone get a good dealwith 10k or 12k, please share in here. I like to replicate the deal.


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What’s a good and realistic % discount off MSRP? I was offered 5% off for a MSRP $52893 MY2017 F pace.

EDIT: 2017 F-Pace 35T premium trim.

The F Pace deal is applied to 20D model only. They keep the same MF (.00036) on other trims, but the residual stays consistent at 55%. I was priced the following:

2018 2.5 R Sport
MF: .00036
$2100 drive off

With that low a residual, you’d have to really like the F pace over comparable BMW or Benz offerings. They told me 5% off msrp is the most they can do also.

For the 2017 F-Pace 35T premium trim.

I was quoted $678 per month.
$2200 drive off
MF: 0.00008
Residual 56%

Isn’t a high residual beneficial to leasing?

Correct - thanks. Post edited.


New to the site and to leasing. I am currently in search of a deal on the F Pace S. Any pointers? I see some posted here but don’t know location of said deals. Thanks in advance!

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The F-Type lease deal is just a click bait. They don’t have an f-type 2017 model even close to the lease specials MSRP.