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Anyone know if george is still active here? @GeorgeCSL


Josh, I emailed you yesterday, did you not receive? I will send you a direct message.



I currently have an Audi A3 and the lease is set to expire in about two weeks. I need a car soon and you seem to have some great leasing opportunities. I’m looking at options such as the base A3, A4, 320i, 330i, IS300t, Q50, the Alfa’s, or any other similar option. I’m flexible on lease term (24/36/39 months) and mileage as well. I’m local, if that helps. Shoot me a PM or email when you get the chance. Can’t wait to work with you.


@GeorgeCSL is there any way to contact you over the phone?

Looking into a Mercedes CLA or BMW 230i and would like your help.

Please shoot me an email at

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Hi George - I sent you a PM earlier this week. My lease ends in two weeks and I’m looking to get into a new lease. SoCal based. Please shoot me a PM or email at dangold85 at when you have a chance. Thanks.


Hey george. What are the deals for 2018 for bmw and benz. Please email me at


George can you give me the August numbers for 10k GLC 2018 Socal?


Hi @GeorgeCSL, looking for 2 SUV leases in California. An Evoque and a x3 m40 or glc43. Can you send me a message and we can get the ball rolling!


Hi George.

Please PM me.

I need to lease a car!!!


Hi George - can’t DM you, hoping you will DM me :slight_smile:
Looking for the MB GLC 300 4Matic in Los Angeles.


Hi George,
Sent you a PM, looking to lease a car really soon.

36 Months,12,000 per year.
BMW 320i (I can get Loyalty and Corporate Discount)
Infiniti QX30 Premium



George, I couldn’t figure out how to dm you but I need a lease before 8/15. Please message me!



Hi George,
I am located in Norcal Bay Area and looking to lease an Audi A4 Premium Plus AWD, please message me to work something out. Thanks!

Looking for Audi A3 premium plus lease SoCal

Hello Everyone,

Here is what I have updated for August so far. I’ll be adding some more over the next couple days.

36 month, $0 down leases. Plus taxes and fee’s (first payment, registration, and acquisition).

Audi: 7,500 miles per year, loyalty rebates available
2018 A3 Premium: $269
2018 A4 Ultra: $289
2018 A4 Quattro: $329
2018 A5 Coupe: $419
2018 A5 Sport Back: $449
2018 A6 Premium: $469
2018 Q3 Premium: $329
2018 Q5 Premium: $419

Buick: 10,000 miles per year, requires competitive lease.
2018 Encore Preferred: $199

BMW: 10,000 miles per year, loyalty rebates available
2018 320i: $279
2018 330i: $349
2018 330e: $339
2018 430i Coupe: $439
2018 430i Gran Coupe: $439
2018 530i: $549
2018 X1: $379
2018 X5: $639

Lexus: 7,500 miles per year
2018 ES350: $289
2018 IS300t: $279
2018 RC300: $379
2019 NX300: $319
2018 RX350: $369

Mercedes: 7,500 miles per year
2018 C300 Sedan: $319
2018 C300 Coupe: $399
2018 E300 Sedan: $499
2018 GLC: $379
2018 GLE: $559


I’ll respond to anyone who has not heard back from me shortly.


Hi george, I am interested in leasing from you, a couple of the cars you listed sound like they would work. I live in SoCal. Please email me at I’d like to ask you some questions.


I might be interested in the Mercedez GLC with 7500 miles but have questions. Can you contact me please. Thanks.


How much for the a4 Premium Plus Ultra or the a3 premium plus with tech package and audio


or the is300 with these


Can u contact me for more info on the A4 Quattro