Genesis lease advice

i found a loaner 2018 genesis g80…msrp 42.995…3000 miles…dealership would only go 1800discount…plus 6200 lease discount(mf i think)…he says mf is .00146…he wants 450 for 36/12…zero das…i offered 400 a month…he wouldnt budge…help me please

Meet in the middle at 425 or 429… it meets 1% rule. Not an amazing deal but good for sure.

Genesis leases bad right now. Go lease a CT6 for the same money

how its a 55k car …there not gonna lease for 420 with 0 das

Terrible discount for a car with 3k miles. Just checked my area, $3-4k off new G80s in that price range with some closer to $50k with $7k discount.

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For reference I got one 3 years ago with a higher MSRP 15/36 zero das and 355 a month.

You just said it was a $42,995 msrp?

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Lease programs 3 years ago were absolutely different. It wasn’t even “Genesis” then! It was still Hyundai!

People leased $60k Volvo for less than $350 in the past. Not sure why you think what you do

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True. It s the same car though. No significant changes. The OP was asking if he got s good deal and I’m sure most people on here would say no. I know the programs are different now, Genesis isn’t interested in moving cars. Other cars in the class are a step ahead in many ways. For me that makes is worth less. I can get a $70k CT6 for $420. It’s more comparable to G90 than G80. The Genesis and Stinger deals suck donkey balls right now. If he likes the car, buy it. It’s just not a Hackr deal for sure.

No one here would argue it’s a leasehackr deal. It’s simply not.

I was just saying that it’s really hard to compare modern lease deals to deals from 3 years ago and it’s not just the Genesis brand… Toyota Camrys lease far worse than 3 years ago and even MB E-Class do as well.

I work at a dealer that has hyundai(I am not in sales). My uncle has 2016 Genesis that is coming off lease next month. He wanted another Genesis but the same car is now in the $600s. He put $3k down and it paying $363 on his 16.

We will not be keeping Genesis. We have 1 left and they said they aren’t motivated to sell because any dealer that chooses not to carry Genesis will have their inventory bought back by Hyundai at full price, so this could possibly be why he dealer isn’t offering much of a discount.

I don’t know why Hyundai is doing with the Genesis brand, but it’ll be a few years before business normalizes for Genesis… in the mean time, I think they’re going to lose a lot of potential business due to the confusion. I think they’re planning for the long-game, though.

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for a 12k mile lease with 0 das?

For 15k. But again it was 3 years ago. There are zero good deals on Genesis now.