Genesis GV70 Electrified (NJ area) lease price target?

Morning all,

Looking to see what a good target price per month would be with no money down for a Genesis GV70 electric in the NJ area (10k miles a year). I saw lease broker pricing to be around $480 a month with no money down and all fees wrapped into the monthly.

Debating on the Genesis or the Jeep Wrangler 4xe High Altitude, but should I assume the incentives for the Genesis will surpass the Jeep in regard to best value?

Thank you in advance

You could become a Supper Supporter and build some target deals using the Rate Finder calculator on this website.

I was shopping the Jeep 4xe and if you currently own and lease a Jeep (or other Stellantis vehicle), the deals are very good because of the extra loyalty incentives they have been applying the last few months. If you do not qualify for those loyalty incentives, then the price is going to be much higher.

For Genesis, they are giving the large rebates to everyone, regardless of loyalty status. Compare pricing between 13 and 36 month leases on the Genesis. Also, if you have Costco and qualify for conquest, the Cadillac Lyriq can be hacked well this month.

Thank you - I haven’t sat down with Genesis dealer yet to go over numbers in order to start inputting the money factor, incentives, etc. into the calculator.

But for the Jeeps, I assume the monthly payments will come out higher than Genesis, especially since no military and no prior owning/lease of a jeep.

that’s what cheapdad00 was saying, you don’t need to ask the dealer for those numbers. become a super supporter and the supporter calculator will give you current money factor, rebates, etc.


Dont sit down with the dealer to talk numbers - especially without knowing what the numbers should look like with the right discount, etc… Go in, test drive the vehicle (or even better, find a Carmax that has it and the competing vehicles so you can compare all at once), then negotiate via email/text.

Got it - so contribute a fee monthly to Leasehackr to access ratefindr and get a good estimate on what numbers I “should” be seeing from the dealer.

Thank you for reiterating for me, I didn’t have a clue what the super supporter option was.

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So when using the ‘rate findr’ - I should just have the advertised MSRP from the dealer, and not include any incentives the dealers lists in their ‘sale’ price, correct?

This should give me the baseline price per month with available lease incentives given to all, and focus on getting the dealer to discount the MSRP without accounting for the standard lease incentive (federal credit, etc.).

Am I correct in thinking this way? Or should I input the numbers a different way?

Rate findr gives you the MF/RV and all incentives. Dealers cannot add incentives they can add discounts

Thank you - so the website for the dealerships that show this (see below) are including the $7500 federal incentive EV credit, they are not discounting anything on the advertised sale price - correct? And the Rate Findr should have already accounted for the EV credit within the calculator. So my focus should be getting the dealer to discount the vehicle aside from all applicable incentives →

$7,500 on select Genesis modelsDetails
Final Price
Military Offer : $500 on select Genesis modelsDetails
College Grad Offer : $400 on select Genesis modelsDetails

GV70 13/10 has $13,000 cash incentive


Yes. Check Signed Deals & Tips & Marketplace to see what that % discount off MSRP should be before all applicable rebates.

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Hi Juarch,
I am also in the market for an electrified GV70 and I am getting similar numbers but the Genesis dealers in Mass are asking for $5,999 down to get it to that number.
A few questions:

When you say all fees does it include the taxes, acquisition fees, delar doc etc fees!?
What trim is this for?
Which dealer in NJ is giving you this deal (provided it is alright by the forum rules to share this information?)?

The lowest offer I got so far under PA tax is $0 down $500 monthly for 13 months/10k.

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@veesu390 - I saw it here from a broker 🇰🇷 Aronchi's Apr Hyundai/Genesis - Elantra $209, Kona $279 | GV70 EV $416! GV60 $474 [Tristate/DMV] - #280 by aronchi

Current Genesis 2024 GV70 EV lease incentives…