Genesis G80 Lease Deals

Wondering if anyone has lease a Genesis GS 80?
If so, what are deals are you finding?

People are getting E300 loaners for close to 400, so I don’t see how G80 is gonna cut it unless they come in at the low end of 300 or even under ??? :roll_eyes:

Haven’t seen 4matic with 15k at $400 yet…

Pretty close
2017 E300 4Matic Loaner 36mo/12k mi/yr $406/mo with 406 due at signing

Yours is G80: I have them to $373/mo with $2400 at signing 36/15k

Add $20-30 for 15k miles for E300, I would guess … so your G80 373 + extra 50 a month is pretty close to E300 4 matic loaner.

True V. But I don’t qualify for fleet and I don’t need to ship. That $2k+ there.

I have plenty of E300 loaners local. If I could get that deal I’d jump on it

Personally I like the G80 better than the E300.

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