Genesis G70 RWD Prestige Lease Deal?

I don’t know the money factor since they only gave me a payment and such. But it SHOULD be 009

But the terms are
3 Years
10K Per Year
No Money down (zero drive offs)

$540/month on zero down. This includes the $1,000 conquest since I drive a BMW.

My dad says its not a very good deal, but I can’t seem to find any dealer that will even come close to that price so that makes me think its a good deal.

I’ve also been considering a Stinger GT2, but the deals for that seem even thinner than the G70. Any other comparable vehicles that I should be considering that might have better deals if this one isn’t good?

Assuming you haven’t read any materials on this site?

Your post lacks the needed info to provide any feedback.

This is not how this site works :sweat_smile:

Check out prior topics on this vehicle;

Then let us know what you think.

I requested the details from the dealer, but they didn’t provide them. Should that be a red flag?

I know the money factor should be .00009 MF and 52% residual

Yes, red flag for sure. You need to get a worksheet from the dealer with a complete breakdown of the lease for evaluation. Email all the dealers in your area and beyond. Eventually you’ll find a dealer that will provide this info. Until then, it’s just a guessing game.

Thanks! I got a worksheet from the first dealer I was talking to on the Stinger GT2, so I thought it was odd she wouldn’t give me a worksheet.

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