Genesis dealers won’t honor $409

What’s yall position with what’s going on in market? I was slapped in face with just how much it’s been getting. Does anyone think market will settle or when it will at least stabilize? I’ve halted on car shopping because it’s been getting pretty brutal with numbers I’ve seen honestly.

I was interested in Genesis G70 $409 that included everything but whoever I contacted didn’t even want to honor that…

Are you talking about the normal online national offer.

Talk to @vinji if he’s available or has cars.

Yah believe he has it at 389+ taxes with 1000 or 1500 due at signing.

Well that’s better than the national…

National is 409+tax with first, registration and dealer fee.

In fl that ‘0 down’ turns into 2k+ pretty quickly.

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Maybe I read wrong because it’s says it includes everything?

“Offer shown based on $0 due at lease signing (includes $0 first payment and $0 capitalized cost reduction). No security deposit required. Featured lease offer includes suggested retailer contribution of $1000. Retailer contribution may vary and may affect actual lease payment. Available on new 2021 Genesis G70 2.0T Standard RWD vehicles purchased from retailer stock between 5/4/2021-6/1/2021, and may not be combined with other special offers except where specified. MSRP $37025 (includes destination, excludes tax, license, title, registration, documentation fees, and cost of optional equipment). “

I read it wrong?

I see it now, it says excludes! Gotcha! Appreciate it. That’s slick to say include then exclude.

That is always the case with these advertised offers. Take whatever the number is and add a couple thousand to get to the real offer.

Also, that offer expired on 6/1

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Yah I know they always threw a curveball, but to see includes then excludes was new to me… that was different

Msrp always includes destination so it usually isn’t itemized

Unless you’re in the DMV/National Capital Region!


Smh when will this be over… or at least stabilize. Like it’s only been getting harder to find just a decent deal. Do people who work at dealerships even see good deals lmao

This particular situation is nothing new. This is how advertised deals always are.

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Let’s stick to THIS DEAL ONLY. Any general market discussion/speculation should go under one of the multiple topics in the Off-Ramp.

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I wasn’t talking about this particular deal. I was talking about general market

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