GEICO and GAP Insurance

Hi all,
I have GEICO for my home and car.
I’m going to lease a RAV4 XLE Prem today.
Can I get the main policy (comprehensive, collision, etc.) from GEICO and the GAP from another company?
I’m in NJ, what do you suggest? TFS seems to be expensive.

I suggest picking up the phone and asking your agent vs a bunch of internet unknowns who may or may not know the answers. Don’t be caught with your pants down on something so important to you as insurance because you didn’t want to call.

Are you asking if you can open a new insurance policy just to cover gap? Or are you asking if you can buy gap through another 3rd party like Toyota?


I asked GEICO and they do not offer GAP.
I wan to add the new RAV4 to my current GEICO plan that I have for my Corolla and home.
They have all options except GAP. So, I need to get collision, comprehensive, etc. from GEICO and get the GAP from another insurer.
Progressive does not offer GAP separately. They offer only combined with collision and comprehensive.

Doubtful any insurer will just cover you for gap only. You will probably need a rider like with Toyota that you purchase through them, or find another insurer. 3rd option would be to just roll the dice and hope for the best.


I’d be surprised if Toyota didn’t offer or provide gap coverage in their leases.

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Toyota financial doesn’t include gap, unlike basically everyone else.


Did not know that. Odd for sure.

I AM NOT AN INSURANCE AGENT/BROKER but my understanding is yes

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